All Maps are honoring my past & current guinea pigs, so please be respectful,

even if you don't like a Map! I've decided to use only the Snow Environment,

since it's fitting the most to Christmas.. and it's my favorite Environment.

It's 12 Maps in total! I've also created a Manialink for all the Informations

and links for the contest. You can find it by searching for ZCup on ManiaHome.

Click here to download the Mod, that is used for all Maps!

Click down below on "BWST» FunServer" to join for the contest!


- Do not cut

   If you find one, cool. But don't use it, or your time won't count.

- Times on TMX do not count

   Only times on the official Server count.

- Be friendly

   Because who wants to fight on christmas?


Remember: This is a contest to celebrate Christmas and having fun together.

So please be friendly to each other! Thanks (:

The prices will change, depending on the Jackpot!

Every participant, who at least finished two Maps

will get minimum 50 Coppers, as a small Christmas present.

This can also go higher, depending on the amount of Coppers,

that people will put into the Jackpot!


The base prices for Place 1 - 3 are..

1st Place: 5.000 Coppers

2nd Place: 2.500 Coppers

3rd Place: 1.000 Coppers