- Does not exist anymore -

Hello everyone!

My name's Zari and I used to do TLC with Mizu.

I've decided to create my own little competition,

which will be every second week.

It's called "Search for Stars", or shot "SFS".

What it is about

You are on a Map, where you need to search a specific amount of Checkpoints,

that are hidden all over the Track. There is not a correct way to drite it.

It's your imagination that has to figure out the fastest way of reaching all

CP's and the finish. The fast, the better.

About the Maps

As said above, it's Labyrinth-based Maps,build by me (Zari).

However, if you are interested inbuilding a Map for the Contest,

feel free to message me (prefered on TMX)!


I've decided to take always a specific environment

for the season, that we are currently having.


Which means..

Summer = Island             Autumn = Rally

Winter = Snow                  Spring = Bay

Special Occasions (ex. Christmas) = Stadium, Desert or Coast


What you can win

1st Place: 1.000 Coppers

2nd Place: 500 Coppers

3rd Place: 100 Coppers